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Re: Wanting to understand FLAC ...

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
So is this a DVD full of flacs or a DVD-A? (You confused me when you talked about putting it into your DVD player.) Are you on a PC, and the person before you on a Mac? Or, is the disc a DVD+R and your computer only recognizes DVD-R? Or, is it a DVD+/-RW and your's doesn't read RW? Or is it dual layer and you can't read DL?

(I'm splitting this into it's own thread.)

I never said it was a DVD-A. Bear with me on trying to explain.....I'm still learning on this stuff.

My home DVD player will play almost everything including DVD-A. I have played DVD's full of audio only on the home DVD player.
When I put this disc ( after my PC acted like there wasn't a disc in it) in the home DVD player and the menu told me there was 1 picture and 0 audio recognised the jpec pic of Warren Haynes.

My computer doesn't recognise the AAB 05 DVD audio vine. I hope this is a little clearer. Thanks!!
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