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Slow Upload with Azureus

Hi Folks,

I have been using Azureus for some time, but recently my upload speeds are pathetic, and it's really hitting my share ratios, here and elsewhere. I have tried everything to get the upload speeds better, but nothing seems to work. Azureus is enabled in my Firewall and has permission through my router. NAT is OK, and port forwarding is fine. I have reset it time and time again, but now I've run out of things to try, so if anyone can help, it would be appreciated. By the way, I have tried uTorrent, and it's not much better, if at all. I am currently downloading at 277.5kB/s, but only uploading at 4.8kB/s, so it's going to take me a week to share this one back!

Thanks in advance,

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