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Re: Question about Nero "Test Scores" on Data DVDs

DVD and CD drives have built in error correction. Becasuse the media is optical, there are ALWAYS errors, that's why we do error testing.

95% is an excelent quality score. Anything with a PIE of under about 30 or 40 max, and a max pif of 2 or 3 is really good. (PIF TOTALS under 100 are STELLAR results, just so long as they don't spike to like, 20 max PIF somewhere.)

My CDFreaks user ID is a secret, so don't askl me! lol It seems like you've already gotten some pretty decent advice reguarding media if you're using TY T02. It's simply the best there is. Burning at such a slow speed may not give the very best results though. T02 can be oversped to 16X in many burners because it's just that good. (Better than any 16X rated media in fact, if you ask me.)

Where disk quality scans are concerned, different writers scan most accurately at different speeds. My Lite-On 1693, for example, scans most accurately at 4X. For many of the newer writers, pawel's right, 8X is best. CDFreaks is a great site. I've been a member there for years.

Most likely, your drive is either some flavor of Lite-On, or there's a possibility it's a Samsung SH-S182D. In either case, it's a very nice drive, and scans should in fact probably be done at 8X.

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