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Re: Wanting to understand FLAC ...

Originally Posted by Johnny Thunder
Ok, now I'm curious, why use TLH or xACT rather than the FLAC fromtend to convert files to WAV? Maybe you recomend these other tools to convert to other lossless formats like APE or SHN?
You may use flac frontend, however the great thing about TLH is that it will convert flac, shn, and ape. If will also make/verify the ffp,md5,st5s and it will do an shntool len check. It will do tons of other things also, plus it has the added advantage of the author having a thread here and he comes here and reads about any problems and takes recommendations for future versions. xACT also does all those things, but xACT is for Mac users (also with an active yahoo group where the author helps, fixes, and takes recommendations), TLH is for PC users. Both these apps are all-in-one apps. If you have them, you really don't need any other lossless apps sitting around on your computer.
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