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Re: Question about standalone DVD recorders - AC3 & PCM?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
The audio codec will be determined when you compress the video to MPEG-2.
That sentence doesn't make any sense The audio codec is determined when you encode the audio to a DVD compliant file (maybe compressing, maybe not).

Lots of software may combine some of these steps, but when preparing a DVD, you generally do the following:

1) Encode the video stream (if it's not already DVD compliant MPEG-2)
2) Encode the audio stream (either compress using AC3 or MPEG, or leave as uncompressed PCM, in either case it MUST be either 48KHz or 96KHz)
3) Multiplex the two (or more if you have multiple audio tracks) together to form an "MPEG program stream" - i.e. the contents of the .VOB files.
4) Prepare the DVD "VIDEO_TS" structure ready for burning onto DVD.
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