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Re: Wanting to understand FLAC ...

The shows are put on a DVD because a DVD holds 4.4 GB and a CD only holds about 700 MB.

As for how to copy it:
- Put it in your computer
- Drag the folders onto your harddrive
- Verify the files copied correctly with the fingerprints (ffp) or checksums (md5 or st5)
- Send the vine on it's way

Now for you to do something with them:
- To play, use a player from our Software List (link in my sig)
- To convert, use TLH or xACT from our Software List
- To burn, use your burning software, search for a guide in Technobabble for your particular software if you don't know how to burn a CD

You may want to look through our FAQ. There is a lot of stuff in there about Audio Trading.
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