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Wanting to understand FLAC ...

Hi everyone,

I'm really wanting to understand and get into the world of flac. On all the trading sites I visit I see fantastic flac audio trees that I want to join. But would have no clue what to do when I got it. I'm fine with dvd-video trees. Thats what I'm wanting help with. So my questions:

I see that on trees or vines they are flac on dvd(s)- what exactly does this mean? Just on a regular dvd-r/+?

Why is it on a dvd? It can hold more I presume?

So what do I do with a flac dvd? Do I burn it as I normally would and if not whats different? Then I would want to convert it so I could burn it onto a cd-r so it would play on the computer and in the car. So I would need a converter correct?

Just wanting the steps listed I would need to do when I'm on a flac tree.

There is my embarrassing flac newbie questions.

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