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Question about Nero "Test Scores" on Data DVDs

I save my downloads on data DVDs (TY 000T02 - DVD+R 8x white inkjet hub printable). I burn them with the Nero Express 7 Essentials software that came with the Sony external DVD burner (DRX-830U). I burn at 4x with the "Verify data on disc after burning" option selected.

If the "verify data" confirms a successful burn I use the "Test Drive" option to check the disc. On the "Disc Quality" Test (at 2x) the discs typically get a "Quality score" of 95. On the "ScanDisc" test (at 2x) the "Surface scan" gets a 100% and individual file scores range from 95 to 100.

I don't have a clear understanding of PIEs & PIFs but it appears that a file scores 100 if there are no PIFs, 98 if there is 1 PIF and 95 if there are 2 PIFs. Should I reburn any files that score below 100? 98? 95? Any help is appreciated.
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