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Re: ONES Help Needed

for one, which show are you talking about? give us a link to the actual torrent's page

but basically, here's the best way to do it...

1. locate the show's folder on your hard drive [wherever you downloaded it to]...inside this main folder there should atleast be:
-- a VIDEO_TS folder [which contain .ifo, .bup, & .vob files]
-- an info text file [.txt] and a checksum [.md5]
-- there may also be an AUDIO_TS folder [which will be empty]

2. inside the show's main folder, if there is no AUDIO_TS folder create one [just like creating a new folder for anything else - right-click > create new folder > name it > done] will leave it empty tho, but it is necessary to have for most DVD players

3. create a folder called EXTRAS_TS...put your info text, md5 checksum, and any other extra files, such as artwork, in this folder

your show is now ready to burn and should look like this:


1. open ONES & click on Data Mastering as your project type
2. drag all 3 folders [AUDIO_TS, EXTRAS_TS, & VIDEO_TS] to the project window
3. Burn [i usually choose 4x speed and also check the "Verify" option]
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