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Question Direct digital transfer to PC

I've got a collection of shows on DAT, and so far my modus operandi has been to playback on Tascam DA-20, transferring them digitally to an Alesis Masterlink ML9600 HDD recorder, therein insert track markers, make any EQ & level adjustments and burn to CD. If I then use EAC or similar to transfer the CDs to the PC for upload here, I get the impression the group would feel I've gone through a downgrade step and polluted the audio stream. Feel free to agree with me at this point.

If I were to upload any new shows here, I feel that most folks would prefer the flac or shn files to be obtained direct from the DAT master. So what I need is ;

(a) to carry the DAT machine upstairs to be close to the PC, or vice versa
(b) connect digi out from the DAT to digi in on a suitable soundcard
(c) suitable software to receive the bitstream and save as .flac

Now I'm sure some dilgient googling would get me the answers to (b) and (c), but if anyone out there has done something similar to this already, and has any recommendations, not just for suitable hardware / software but any hints and tips, then post away.......


Regards, Graham

List of shows (incl. all my analogue back catalogue)
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