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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Originally Posted by Tubular
.....Someone burning a couch on accident is funny? Well it might be funny in retrospect, or on a comedy sketch, but not so funny to the guy who now has to turn that cushion over, not to mention get bong water smell out of his couch.
Absolutely hilarious.

Originally Posted by Tubular
....... it seems to be the prevailing wisdom among the vast majority of tapers that extraneous sounds and images not be embedded into the recording by the taper/author on purpose.
Things change, standards change. Check back next year and see if the imbedded text thing catches on.....

Originally Posted by Tubular
When you blew the whistle at shows (I'm assuming it wasn't added in post-production) didn't it bother those around you? Like, people saying, hey bud, if you think you are so great, start your own band and hold your own concert.
It didn't bother anyone at any show where it was used. But later, I used a duck call. Its not as 'frightening' to the chemically-enhanced down-loader....

And if you didn't like the whistle, I am big enough for you to tell me to my face there and then, I won't cry. No one ever did complain at any show, they were too busy enjoying the concert and cheering themselves, bud.

After the fact, well, I just don't give a fuck if anyone doesn't like the way I applauded at a concert.

I bought my ticket -- you didn't. Therefore, you have no right to do anything but complain, but please keep the complaints to yourself, or go make your own recording of that show.....Oh, you can't go to that show, gee that's a shame..........

I offer cheese to the whiners who complain.

Originally Posted by Tubular
And why did you blow the whistle, for what purpose? As a security/identification feature to your recording, or just as a celebration/applause type thing?
None of your business.
All of the above answers.

Maybe I was trying to "harsh someone's mellow" 30 years after the fact..... Maybe not.

But again I suggest that you never download something I recorded.

You already know that those recordings contain sounds of which you won't approve. Like the taper applauding, while holding one arm in the air with microphones.

You now know about 'em. If you do download one, you shouldn't feel the need to complain, because you were advised to beware. You have no right to complain since you already know you won't like it, right?

So either go here and download this:

and........ Enjoy the whistle.

Or don't download it.........Live and let live.
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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!