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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Dire, I got your PM, yeah you misread what I was saying, I was being sarcastic. Ten years ago I used to buy GD, Hendrix, and Clapton boots on cassette at a local record store. It was a great store, too, mostly vinyl. At the time, it was great, I'd get an uncirculated show from 1968 for only $15!! I also got a few Phish, JGB, and GD tapes for free by trade by word of mouth. I had no idea that selling bootlegs was illegal. I probably spent about $130 on boots from this "friendly" aging hippie.

Saltman, it was a moe. DVD, I forget the date, I think from 2003 or 2004. It had lots of effects that were added in post (I think), mostly in the second set. I don't know how to describe them, kind of like shadowing or motion blur or something. I love slideshows that fill in missing gaps in the video, it is the only way to go, IMO, when there are video gaps in a set, cause the audio stays unbroken, and you can still look at something.

Enjoy all that mitochondria-undermining, liver destroying sodium benzoate (a preservative) in Dr. Pepper and most other soft drinks!! It sucks, I guess I'll stick to gatorade or iced tea now.

It never occured to me that a taper would tape for him/herself only and not want to share. In that case, put whatever sounds and effects you want on a show. Bring a tambourine and shake it all night long right next to your mics if you want, that is if the people in your section don't mind it. But if you share it don't expect people to not complain about it. I'm glad most tapers and filmers don't deface, I mean mark, their recordings with an embedded message, it really harshes my mellow. What would you do with a set of music that has segues in between all the songs, with no break in the music? Embed a message during the music? Maybe you should "live and let live" at the very troubling thought that someone might sell or alter your recording that you don't own the copyright to in the first place. Hunt them down on ebay definitely, though, I'm all for that. It is a two way street: don't impose your value system on people who don't agree with embedded scrolls or messages. Also, if you don't want to share your recordings, why are you on TTD in the first place?