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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

id like to hear from some who author DVDs..
I have one DVD show - where it flashes on the screen during the show

DO NOT SELL - FREE TRADE ONLY (something like that) and it blinks

and im thinking.. who are you doing this for?? You're preaching to the choir..
and why should it affect all of us ?? that was my honest immediate thoughts.
it didnt ruin my life or anything.. but it was lame imo.

Im sure they may say... cause of those EBAY JERKS !! yeah.. well why should you degrade a show like that ? - get over it.. move on.

why not multitrack your voice onto every audio boot.
you can be like some DJ on the into to all the songs 'thanks for enjoying free trade! - be kind !- be free! Free Trade! " -fuck that.

more 2cents