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Re: No Graphics/Text Scrolls added by author on show footage of DVD-videos

Well if a show is broadcast on TV, then lots of people will have taped it at home. So someone then authors a DVD of the show with the embedded security scroll, and several people complain. Someone else aquires a master tape of the same show and decides to author another version of it and seed it, this time without the security scroll. It isn't an upgrade (well I would consider it to be), as both versions are from high quality masters that were recorded on decent gear. Now there are two choices for the same show, and twice as much work was done to get the "same" show out. Wanna b&p it for me? Which version do you have, I only want the one without the scroll?

My goal was to get a reseed/remaster of these shows without the security scroll and try to stop a trend, but it'll probably never happen, oh well. Someday all shows may have a security scroll. Hell, someday TTD may REQUIRE an embedded security scroll because it helps to prevent Ebay sales. Preventing sales is the most important thing, after all.

However, a seller could easily set up shop at a flea market for a few hours and make a ton of money selling boots with a security scroll to unsuspecting buyers. Then he could split and no one would have had the opportunity to go home and watch them, then come back and complain that he shouldn't have sold them, but freely traded them instead.

If a DVD with a security scroll was sold online, could the buyer even get their money back, legally speaking, even if a security scroll is present?

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