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Need some help, serious firewall problem

Hey everyone...I need some help here, if it is even possible. I had to go back to my old modem, since my new shat the bed. Hey. at least I got a good solid two quality months out it, right. Anyways here is the problem. The modem I am using now has me firewalled. Normally not a problem, as I know how to unfirewall myself the normal way with portforward. I had done it previously with this modem and with the new one. But the reason I had to change modems was I could not, and still cannot access the NAT setting on my modem. Even the tech I spoke with at Bellsouth could not help me. When I go to launchmodem and then click expert mode the right side of my screen just stays blank. (This is where my option to change should come up) I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support previously trying to solve the problem, with no luck. He said they were somehow erased or something. Doesn't make much sense because obviously the modem still works. The only capability it does not seem to have is being able to be unfirewalled. Sorry to ramble, but I am totally stuck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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