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Re: dvd burning pops, glitches

Have you tried watching a burned disc on your computer with VLC or Windows Media Player?

It could be your standalone that is the problem. Your standalone player might be wearing out or it doesn't like a certain type of media (+ or -).

Does it skip on all your burned DVDs, not just one particular show?

Nero ($80, more features) or ONES ($25, less features) is the best burning software for Windows. When I used to burn CDs with Roxio EZ CD Creator at high speed it would make a coaster.

This is a good thread to check out regarding what is good media:

The media listed as 1st class on this site are the best, but I'd stay away from Taiyo Yuden TYG03 16X DVD media:

I found one of the five best DVD discs ever made according to digitalfaq, Japanese Made Taiyo Yudens (YUDEN00T02) for sale here $40 for a 100 pack cake box. Taiyo Yuden Shiny Silver Thermal 8X DVD+R Media in Cake Box Spindle - Free Ground Shipping

Look for these on

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