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Foobar2000 question

OKay, this may sound a little strange, but this week, I was convinced that I blew the speakers on my pc. They're not top-of-the line or anything, but a nice set of harmon/kardon w. a subwoofer. Everything I played on it be it a cd, or flac files sounded like complete shite. Really hissy and staticky. I use foobar as my audio program and it's worked great until lately.

When I played some wav files through CD Wave editor they sounded awesome! crystal-clear.Then I tried the dreaded windows Media player. Sounds great!

So it's not the speakers.

What would cause foobar to start working like crap all of a sudden? I've used it for the past 6 years with no problems. Anyone else have this experience?

Any input or recommended settings are appreciated. I'll probably reinstall it tomorrow, but just wondering.

Thanks in advance

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