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Re: Nero 7 Ultra Help

well, basically, i just ripped my michael jackson dangerous short films dvd using dvd decrypter, i ripped it by cell ID so i can get the music videos individually, so they are vob files, i then tried to export them using nero 7 ultra, and that problem arrived.

this is the video information for all of these vob files:

Type: Encrypted and Interlaced MPEG2
Bitrate: 8.000 Mbps
Framerate: 25.000 Hz
Resolution: 720x576
Aspect ratio: 4x3

Type: Linear PCM
Bitrate: 1536 Kbps
Number of channels: 2
Sampling Frequency: 48khz
Sampling Bits: 16
Volume Boost: On
Quiet Mode: Off
LFE: Off
Prologic: Off
Dual Mode: Off
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