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Re: Firewall Question

I have noticed at times before that Azureus will list me as firewalled when I know I d*mn well shouldn't be! Usually it just takes me restarting my router to fix the issue (turn it off for 30 seconds then turn it back on and then it takes about a minute to reset itself). If canyouseeme is giving your a time out error, then I can about guarantee you will get that FIREWALLED under your name because we do the same sort of test here.

Being firewalled doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your speeds. It has to do with how many other users you may connect to which *may* have an affect on your speeds. If you are firewalled, then you may only connect to others who are NOT firewalled. If you aren't firewalled, you may connect to everyone. Your speed comes into play if you are connecting to only a couple of users and thus you get limited to a couple of people upload speeds. The more users you connect to, usually the faster your download rate.
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