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Re: Firewalled ?!!?!??!

The port does not matter in picking a static IP. But, once you pick the static IP, you need to go to your router and point the port you pick for torrenting *to* your static IP.

Take a look at this image:

Say you have set your computer up to have a local IP of and say you picked port 6881. When the info for your torrent comes to your router, it goes to your main IP (in this example, Now, say you have port 6881 forwarded to your local IP of In this illustration, that is the green dot. It gets to your router, your router say "Hey, this is to port 6881 and it's OK to send along to GreenCrow's computer", so it ends up forwarded to you. Another good example is.... say you picked port 1111 to do your torrenting, but you never bothered to forward the port to your computer. That information gets to your router and it doesn't know what to do with it.
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