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Re: did i get ripped off?

Ritek is 2nd or 3rd class media, according to the above website. Maxells made in Japan (manufactured by Hitachi Maxell) are 1st class, but Maxells made in Taiwan are Ritek. Same thing with Fujis. Fujis made in Japan are Taiyo Yuden (1st class), but Fujis made in Taiwan are made by Prodisc (2nd class). It says that Fujis aren't made by Taiyo Yuden anymore though.

The brand of disc isn't what is important, it is the manufacturer that is important. At the bottom of the webpage is a list of brands and their corresponding manufacturers. Japanese made Taiyo Yudens are the best, but I'd stay away from TYG03 (16X) DVD media. Among the five best according to the site are YUDEN000T02 (Taiyo Yuden, Japanese) and MXLRG02 (Hitachi Maxell, Japanese).
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