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Re: Update to modified md5check with st5 support

Originally Posted by jazzbo
Well the fact that it has been four months and I didn't notice this was happening shows I've been a) downloading less and b) using my Mac at home a lot more lately.

Although I don't have to tell you -- for anyone else reading along, this is the beauty of open source: taking a readily available script which one person tweaks a little and makes that change available; then if it breaks, someone else can step in and get it working again.

Sorry, I just think it's cool when things like this happen.
Yeah, open source rules. Interestingly enough, I don't actually know Perl--I just know how to look at a page of code and guess which part is relevant to what I want to do.

Which reminds me, I should probably learn some Perl because there's a very promising ripping script I found (called that I want to do a few more modifications to before releasing it to the general public. Right now, the script rips the CD using cdda2wav in paranoia mode (with two passes), encodes the WAV files to FLAC level 8, tags the files using CDDB, and produces log files, wholefile md5s, and even a m3u playlist. I want it to give me a text file with FLAC fingerprints instead of the wholefile md5s, and also the option of prompting the user so it can name the files according to etree standards as an alternative to CDDB lookup. It's already very impressive, and with a few modifications, it'll be the best thing since sliced bread.
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