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Re: NTSC & PAL Questions

I spent a lot of time and money getting it right. Software is very expensive for the good stuff. I bought convertXtodvd and it works okay but has streaking artifacts with quick pans of motion.
I have bought four standalones and only one works flawlessly - the Philips DVP642. Unbelievable PAL>NTSC conversion. I use it to make copies of PAL to NTSC on my standalone burner for friends who don't have the right deck. I've made over 300 DVD conversions with my Philips and it works perfectly. All my friends have bought the same deck with complete satisfaction. Found everywhere for $45 -$65.
Stay away from Daewoo (very scary, power issues, bad hardware) Toshiba (good sound but seems to skip a frame or two every 30 seconds to compensate for the frame rate) and Memorex (Good picture, but seems to have a sound glitch every 30 seconds or so) .
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