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Re: NTSC & PAL Questions

Originally Posted by itsrare
HDTV..Hmmm, we are on our second HDTV the first one died two weeks after the 12 month warrenty ran out It was a 42" Philips Plasma.
Our new one is a 42" Philips LCD. Despite using expensive cables etc I was never pleased with the picture quality of either except when playing most official DVDs or watching HD cable. My eight year old 25" Sony is still way better to watch than the pixel filled crap of the other two.
Why would you buy another Philips if the last one was a POS that died just after 1 year?

FYI, never buy expensive video cables for digital, go to and get cheap video cables. Monster cable is a RIP-OFF!

Unless you're tempting the gods with long (over 35 foot) HDMI cable runs you don't need expensive cables, it's digital - you either get a signal or you don't.

I agree that many standard definition programs will look worse on an HDTV (actually any digital TV, not just HDTV) because the signal into the TV is crap and a digital TV's clarity exposes the flaws in the signal an analog TV can't. This is even more noticeable the larger the screen is. This is kinda like how a cheap FM radio sounds better than FM on a good tuner and a really good stereo - weaknesses are revealed.

Oh, this was about PAL-NTSC, IFOEdit is the bomb if you only have a NTSC dvd player, it has worked for every PAL DVD I through at my Sony dvd player (probably over 50). So many more shows available, especially all of the great rebroadcasts of Rockpalast!
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