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Re: Urgent jb3 question....

before you go spending a ton of money on something you do not need you should consider whether or not your going to be stealthing or not and whether you are going to continue running a pre in front of your recorder. If you are running a UA-5 in front of your recorder than you shouldnt go spend a bunch of money on a mic preamp mod your not even using. You can go either coax or optical out of the UA-5 which means you can buy a MT for $250 and run coax in. You can have that UA-5 modded with one of the various "flavors" of mods that are available for very little in comparison with buying a recorder that is modded new. If you want to get rid of the preamp and your mostly stealthing then buy an R-09 for $350. In many blind comparisons a majority of folks have found the R-09's internal pre to perform at the same level as the V3, which is arguably the best pre / a to d you can get for prosumer purposes. At any rate, whatever you decide, there is no reason in this day and age to buy a new recorder that is not capable of 24bit, which rules out the pmd 660. You may as well keep the jb 3 if your going to go digi in and record at 16 bit with a max of 48khz sample rate...
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