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Re: NTSC & PAL Questions

Didn't I read somewhere else here that there was a quick way to not re-encode a pal disc to ntsc, but to make it 'trick' most ntsc players into playing pal discs?

Am I crazy?

I swear I remember seeing something about it.

It left the files as PAL, but gave the disc some code that made MOST ntsc only dvd players read and play them relatively unscathed.

Where the hell was that?

Oh yeah here it is:
Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh
"Convert Trick" for Windows:

1.get ifoedit (freeware)
2. install the program
3. Select OPEN (point to DVD folder)
(note: files in folder will be: VIDEO_TS, VTS_01_0, VTS_02_0, VTS_03_0...etc)
4. Start with the Last VTS file -Select it.
5. Double click the VIDEO attributes line.
6. From pop-up info shown: Change ONLY the VIDEO from PAL to NTSC (radio button)
(you may have one, two or three changes per VTS file)
7. Select SAVE >
8. Prompt will ask if you wish to change the .BUP file - YES! >
9. Repeat these steps for each VTS file & VIDEO_TS file.
10. You are now ready to burn your video for NTSC playback.

*note - this does not "convert" - but tricks the NTSC DVD player
*note - you can not seed this "converted/modified" DVD back out
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