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Re: NTSC & PAL Questions

HDTV..Hmmm, we are on our second HDTV the first one died two weeks after the 12 month warrenty ran out It was a 42" Philips Plasma.
Our new one is a 42" Philips LCD. Despite using expensive cables etc I was never pleased with the picture quality of either except when playing most official DVDs or watching HD cable. My eight year old 25" Sony is still way better to watch than the pixel filled crap of the other two.
Re NTSC/PAL as the others said just get a cheap player from Walmart etc the cheaper it is the more chance it will play everything, god knows why
Do not do transfers from PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL etc I would drop any trader I dealt with who did system conversions of DVDs had them on his list and did not state he had done so, its simply not required these days.

Originally Posted by U2Lynne has a great list of DVD players. You just put in your criteria and it spits out the players that meet it. We got a cheap apex player many years ago and it worked great up until a year ago. We are gonna wait to replace it since we are wanting to finally get an HDTV soon.

(PS I saw your second question last night but didn't have time to answer the post so I bookmarked it for this morning. )
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