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Re: I am either too tired or yeah I am too tired

Originally Posted by ME262
Can it still have the same name? Does the old one get stopped? I was gonna wait till I got home from work to do it. I noticed that only one person is under 99.95% so I figured that would the best time to redo it. once he get to that point as well.
Keep everything the same. Make sure you close all the files in the folder. You may remove the .torrent file from the folder though. Then make a new torrent, but make sure to save the .torrent file in a known place. Now go rename it with a "fixed" on the end (like "Van Morrison fixed.torrent"). Now go re-upload the show. Download the torrent file from the thread to your desktop. Start that torrent, select the Van Morrison folder as the place to save it and it should go through and verify the files and go into seed mode.
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