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Re: Converting flac to mp3's?

Originally Posted by grrrv1
I'll see if i can download EAC to convert the files to WAV. I'm not sure why Foobar was suggested since it's only a player from what i can see unless theres a deluxe version that converts the Flacs to Wav files. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. Peace & Be Wild, Grrrv1
Foobar works well, but it must be setup correctly and it is a bit advanced for some first time users - mainly BECAUSE it can do so many things. FLAC Frontend does only FLACs, so the controls will be easier to work.

Five is correct about EAC - it's the best for burning audio CDs - especially if you take the time to correct the offset for your specific drive. Instructions for that are found in most places the EAC installation file is hosted.
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