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Mike Lafoote
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I want to take (mostly) store bought CD's and COPY them to my computer in a format that will allow me to STILL burn a CD for other family and friends from time to time. At the same time I want to preserve the quality as an ARCHIVE in case anything should happen to my "hard copy" music collection consisting about 5000 vinyl's and 2000 CD's. A fire is possible, flooding, angry wife, ex-wife, crack heads, etc.

None of the software I have recognises CDA files. The Windows Media Player COPIES them as WMA files. Since I have no desire to burn MP3's at this time I am concerned about whether or not the WMA's are a good choice to preserve the sound AND allow me to burn CD's to play in the CAR, PORTABLE CD PLAYERS and DESK TOP CD PLAYERS.

I can always convert them to MP3's at a later date if I want to download them or something...right?

I have heard that the WMA's can sometimes be a problem if you want to burn them to a CD. Is this true?

I don't really want to spend time copying them to my computer only to have to convert them to something else besides a WMA if I want to burn a CD. I'd LOVE to be able to just copy them to the computer in the BEST FORMAT to preserve the original quality and still allow me to burn it to a CD later on in time.

I have had so much input that I am now more confused than ever. I just want to make this as easy and effortless as posible.

This issue is ALL ABOUT preserving my music collection and nothing else. Thanks for any info as I am still not sure which way to go at this time.

"Electric" Mike
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