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Re: Converting flac to mp3's?

If you can't figure that out, you should 'decode' the flacs back to WAV files with FLAC Frontend from Soundforge. You can burn the WAVs to CD with nearly any burner application.

Do not ever convert FLAC files to MP3 files. FLAC files are a form of 'lossless' compression, meaning that when you 'decode' or 'decompress' them back to WAV, the exact original WAV from the CD is intact 100%. When you encode to MP3, you lose pretty much all the sound above 16kHz, introduce 'swishy' or 'watery' aliasing and there are thousands and thousands of samples lost in the audible range, as well.

In short, converting a CD quality FLAC or WAV to MP3 causes a large amount of quality loss, so you wouldn't want to do that for burning to a CD. You'd want to the original-quality track.
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