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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by dcbullet
This is pure speculation. That's OK though, I like to speculate too. My speculation is that lots of people who have high ratio have that because they just leave their torrent client going all the time. I'll seed a show and just let'er rip for days - weeks! I don't do it because I have to. I just do. It's easy for me in my circumstance.
IMHO I see no reason to share over a 1.0 on any given torrent (unless I'm the only seeder, in which case I'll share as needed) and I think many of the over 1.0 ratio guys would agree that they would rather upload something new than continue to share something old...yes it's speculation, and I don't mean that we wouldn't share after we achieve a 1.0, but I mean for a specific torrent...yes it may be simple to leave the window open and let it run, and some of you may do that...but I know I like to move on to bigger and better things, and many I spoke with feel the same's a pain in the ass to reload an old torrent to help a few stragglers, not that I won't ever do it, but to know that a couple hundred leechers all pissed on the opportunity to help out and left the uploader to bear the burden AGAIN bothers me, and to listen to those same people talk about how there's no one to share the old torrents to??? just look around...we got a list on the main page full of torrents needing help...opportunity is everywhere, and all I hear from the masses are excuses as to why they do so little...and the bottom line is that there is NO excuse...people just need to own their behavior and if they are dissatisfied with it, they should improve it...either that or live with it...but don't make excuses for it...that's the only point I have to what you wanna do, but don't take offense when someone calls you out on it...I'm not proud of all the things I have done in my life, but I did em...I can blame society and continue to shame myself by continuing the behavior or I can blame myself and improve...sure it's easier to point the finger, but it's more rewarding to take responsibility (in the long run) but this is just one mans opinion...

we as a society have moved from improving ourselves to accepting ourselves...sometimes we should be ashamed and sometimes it's not okay to feel good about yourself...but these days everyone is special in their own way, and no one feels compelled to do more than what comes naturally...extra effort was the driving force of America, from liberation to automobiles to taking flight...imagine if they were satisifed with the horse and buggy that was available to them...sometimes we need to strive for greatness...and the people who are doing so much around here on this site are pushing it to greatness, while we make torrents, they make excuses...not that everyone should be an uploader (we do need downloaders too) but people should know their role...if you are a taker with no intention to give back what you take (not just in bandwidth but bnps and stuff as well), then do so without trying to make us believe you care so much about this are who you are...don't excuse it...own it

EDIT: this is not directed at any individual person, but is a generalization of what i see from those with poor ratios...I was not thinking of any one person in writing this, just thinking if anyone felt I flamed them personally, I'm sorry...but if you fall in this group I refer to, then maybe you should take it personally...but will you get angry at me for pointing out the facts, or will you better yourself???