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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by spiritinaphoto
Excuse me, but are you insinuating that my share ratio isn't sufficient? It's 0.06 higher than yours, so don't you dare imply that my share ratio sucks.

(And let's not get into quantities uploaded--my capacity isn't what it used to be. I imagine if I was still in the dorms with that insanely good connection, I'd probably be over a terabyte over at DIME, if not here as well.)
no sir, I didn't mean you, I see it reads that way, but I meant it towards those with poor ratios who rely on excuses...sorry for the misinterpretation...I should've made that reading it, I would've though that was directed at you as well...I meant it towards the average guy with a shitty ratio and great excuses...sorry to get you riled up friend, I meant no offense to you...frankly I don't even really mean to offend those with a poor ratio...they can do as they please, but to expect to hear their excuses and validate them ain't gonna happen...below 1.0 only happens when you don't care to do more...

of course new guys are likely to blow their ratio on all these great torrents before they settle in, but after awhile it should start to balance out...if they are actively trying to...most people with poor ratios defend themselves with BS excuses rather than standing up and sayin something to the effect of "I do what I please and it is satisfactory to me"...although I still think less of the person with that attitude, I respect him more than the guy with lame excuses about mathematical possibilities and such...if they spent as much time uploading as they do calculating the overall process of bit-torrent, they probably wouldn't have a ratio in need of defense, but what do I know