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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

no you missed the point

it is simple math, not everyone can have a 1.0 or better ratio

that having been said, there are enough members who don't post and don't read the forums who just look for the torrent they want, get to 100% and then immediately close their client and move on. anybody who is reading this is probably not one of those ppl.

if you are the last seed (or one of the last few) don't close your window because we've all had that happen to us and it sucks to be on the other end. in this case it doesn't even matter if you've already shared 10.0.

if you want to get your ratio up, just leave the window open. still not going up? leave it open for two weeks, a month. if you've got something quality to seed, seed it. if you have something really crappy that you want to seed just to get your ratio up, don't bother.

anybody who tries to upload the same amount that they downloaded can do it, even on dial up. there's enough ppl who don't even try or understand the concept whatsoever to fill to quota of necessary low-ratio leeches.
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