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Re: did i get ripped off?

Originally Posted by musik_maniak
That's something that I'd like to know more about.
I have some DVDs which I've burned to discs, and they are no longer on my hard drive. I haven't watched all of them closely yet, but I suspect that there are glitches on them, because I probably burned them too fast.
Will copying them to the hard drive and re-burning them at a slower rate "fix" them?
If I don't have the original file, is this just as good, or does it still produce an inferior DVD, compared to burning it properly in the first place?
I've tried it once or twice, and it does seem to work. I'm thinking that maybe my DVD player cannot read the "glitched" disc properly, but the computer can, and that's why it works. Does that make sense?
I'd appreciate it if someone who knows could give me some technical advice on this.
I think it's entirely possible, but it's difficult to say for certain, because some players have more error correction than others. I do imagine that in many cases the computer would have more robust error correction than the standalone.

Do you have md5 files on these glitched discs? If you do, and the files all check out okay, I'd say it proves your theory.
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