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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by spiritinaphoto
Of course, there's another problem all of you people so adamant on everyone sharing to 1.0 or better seem to is impossible for everyone to seed to 1.0. For every amount of data beyond the original size of the torrent the seeder shares, it makes it even more difficult for everyone else to get a good ratio, because that's data they could have shared. And the more people you have with share ratios that are significantly above 1.0, the more more uberleechers it will produce. Because the ubersharers shared so much data, there may not be an opportunity for lesser-equipped sharers to share what they have back.
now that's a cop out...maybe once in a while you MIGHT not be able to get to a 1.0 ratio on a torrent, but most every torrent that dies has hangers on that are left's rare that a torrent dies because no one wants it anymore (especially in the video realm) between sharing and reseeding there is no excuse that explains not being able to...I can understand it being a pain in the ass (most certainly) but it can always be done...either pick a dying torrent, hop on a new torrent while it's fresh, or reseed and older one...not that it's required...and not that you "deserve" to be bashed for not being in lockstep with the 1.0 crowd, but it's not fair to blame society or any of that nonsense...if that's the best you care to do, that's fine, but it's a cop out to say this is all I can do...even the uberleechers could do more if we wanted to...there's just a limit to how much everyone cares to do...some people find their limit below 1.0 and some far above...quite frankly I was both...I took all I wanted from these sites when I started and let the ratio stay around .5 until I had enough to satisfy me (which I'm still takin more...but far less than before) and now because of downloading less, my upload caught up (and them some) it all comes down to the amount of effort you wanna put in doesn't make you a bad person to share less than 1.0 but it is inappropriate to make us believe that it is out of your control...just my opinion each their own...I try not to harbor resentment against anyone for these things anymore, so I don't care what people do, but I think it's only fair to be honest...if you did as much as you wanna do and it's okay with you than you should stand up for it and not make excuses and just say you feel you did as much as you feel obligated to do and stand by it...there's nothing wrong with it unless you make excuses...but what do I know...I do my best to live and let live these days so I don't wanna cast judgement, but I'm just callin em as I see em