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Re: I am either too tired or yeah I am too tired

Ok, this is ridiculous. (I am really starting to HATE TECHnology, or my inability to ASS-imilate as the BORG would say)

I want to start this shit from scratch. Do I need a different "client" for this to be any easier? When DIME let you use the newer forms of Bittorrent it was easier to understand. Now, you have to use this older version 4.21 (or older still)is either antiquated or not user friendly. or I am not user friendly. or both. All I wanna do is share this music I got sitting here without ripping my hair out(what little I got left I want to keep) and I got alot.

I can't imagine what its going to be like when I finally do understand this and I wanna convert my Old Bootleg Vinyl to put up here, not to mention my master recording of all the concerts I went to from like 1989 thru 2002(Thats over 800+tapes easy). I have lots of that.

So, yeah. This is frustrating from a tapers view. I can remember when Hi-Speed Dubbing was the New Technology(God Do I hate getting OLD!)
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