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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by zombfuckingsucks
It is a sale because a proposition is made.
(i.e. I'll do A if you give me B)

If this were not the case, prostitution and the sale illegal drugs could be passed off as perks for donation.
It would be a sale if the only way to get the bootleg was by purchasing it ...what about the thousands of copies that members get for free.
Just for being a member they get the same bootlegs for free as the contributors do. I don't belong to any site that says give me 10 dollars or you can't download here.

Thousands of members download away without saying thanks,uploading a show or commenting...their only contribution to the trading community is their computers bandwidth.

So why not give contributing members some extra benefits ?

By the way if you know someone who is giving away free drugs please inform me
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