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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
If a site offers percs for those who help the site by donating funds, shouldn't the site also offer percs to all those other who contibute to the site by taping, uploading shows, keeping a good ratio, etc? After all, the site wouldn't survive without ALL of those things.
IMO...Maybe for Tapers & Heavy uploaders/torrent starters but that's up to each individual site...correct ?
Good ratio is part of torrent etiquette & everyone should do their best with that.

I see no reason why giving percs for any extra effort is bad.
Giving a perc for extra effort does not translate into "selling bootlegs" least not in my eyes.

Of course it's up to each individual site to set their own rules & of course it's up to each individual to visit/patron any specific site they wish.
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