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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by Sid

Example hypothetical

You spend 50 dollars for your isp & I spend 50 dollars for my isp [monthly]

We're each on a torrent with the same amount of leechers & all equal uploads.
Over a 24hr period your ratio is 2.1 and mine is .3.
We've both spent the same amount time & money but your isp gives you better upload speeds.
Does that make you better?
No it does not but some asshats believe they are...again

although I understand the argument and in this case I agree, but please understand that most of those here don't have this amazing speed...a lot of us would be on your end of the ratio (in your example) but if you seed for a day and move on while someone else stays for however long it takes to reach 1.0, then that does make a's not as much about speed as it is about dedixation to sharing...some people have mega-upload speed, but the average guy is somewhere between 30-50k...and they manage to's nice to have a great upload speed (makes it a lot easier) but it's wrong to assume that everyone with a good ratio has great upload speed...some people are just that dedicated...FWIW my upload was double the normal (at about 100k) and it's since been cut in half by the cable provider, but my ratio is over even with "average" speed, I'd have made over the 1.0 mark...I don't think it makes me better, but I just don't want you to think that everyone with a better ratio has a higher upload rate...some people just have better sharing's not as simple as a speed issue...again, I understand your point, but that's a very simple view, and you should at least acknowledge that some people just work hard to share well...and it's not all about the ISP