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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz
I'm sure they could have worked it out with Sebastian if they simply pm'd him and asked that their site (who apparently has a ton of Pumpkins fans) be "approved" to up it for the benefit of many innocent members...I think Sebastian would have been a decent guy and not stood firm on screwing so many innocent folks for the grudge he has with the admin...I don't know him nor am I authorized to speak on his behalf, but he strikes me as a reasonable guy who would have probably dropped the issue having stated his grudge...I think having announced his dislike of the Zomb admin served it's purpose for him to let them know how he felt in a public fashion (even if it was in poor taste) having done that, I believe he'd have let it go...I guess I don't know that, but chances are no one tried to find out either...
I agree.
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