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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
btw Lynne, if i donate to the site, think you might could boost my post count? all the typing is causing carpal tunnel
Um..... no. You'll just have to get Heather to post using your account.
Originally Posted by Phishblowz
what I am saying is this, if a taper upped a show at Zomb with a request not to seed it here, would that be respected here, or if someone decides to upload it here, so be it...I think the policy states that you honor the request of the band, and the request of the person who uploaded it here...if the tables were turned here, would we have allowed our community to disrespect Zomb??? I just imagine we're better than that here, but I was curious how that works...I'm glad to know that we have an "official" policy, but I'm even happier to hear that you guys are willing to take each case into consideration (understanding that there is a huge grey area...

in this precise scenario, switching the roles of Zomb and TTD, would TTD respect the wishes of the taper who upped at Zomb...seems hypocritical of us here if we wouldn't respect it...I just wanna make sure we're not flaming Zomb admin for something we would do here
I think this is one of those instances where we'd have to make a call at the time. When I hear that people have uploaded shows here that were just uploaded on another tracker, I try to send a PM to the seeder saying it really is polite to wait until the show has run it's course over on the first tracker. Usually they write back and say they are sorry, but they now understand.

If it were the exact same situation as what happened here, I really don't know. I do know one thing, I would not have gone and posted in the thread on the other site saying that we don't want the recording here at TTD. I think I mentioned earlier that even though I'm not an Admin/Mod on any other site, I am still seen as a spokesperson for TTD and anything I say can be used again the site, so I try very, very, VERY hard to never get into any petty fights on other sites. So, assuming that no one from TTD went over to that other site and said "well fine, we don't want this recording on TTD with that sort of attitude" (or however it was worded) and then the recording showed up over here, I don't think I would pull it, however I do think I would be PMing the seeder and letting them know that we do NOT like site wars and that it is pretty petty to go against the tapers wishes and upload the show over here. I think there would be a lot of PMing going on, basically. And then if he chooses to pull the thread, I would be more than happy to pull it for him/her.

I *think* that the things people were getting a bit perturbed about in this situation is that a) the Admin said he didn't want the show there and would make sure it wouldn't be uploaded there, but then changed his mind and b) it was a Staff member who uploaded the show over there. I can honestly say that I can't see any member of Staff here ever doing something like that. No one on Staff here is the type of person to try to cause such a huge problem like what was caused. Staff here is pretty darned laid back and I just can't see any of them doing that.
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