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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz
"Once that show gets out of your hands, you don't have any control over what is done with it. "

isn't this the point that Zomb admins have been making the whole time??? it seems wrong to bash them for a policy that resembles ours........

TTD policy doesn't include anything about explicitly doing something to spite a taper.

Which is exactly what the site admins at zomb did.....and bragged about it while slagging off the taper.

I did a little searching on this topic on line and I saw this.......

Originally Posted by million_watts
uhm, show was posted by a staff member, who explicitly stated he's doing it because the taper requested the show not to be hosted there.

i................ instead staff members jump on this within minutes and then proceed to call him "a bad taper and scum" on their site news. utterly retarded imho.

And bodhisattva thinks he has a right to demand respect......instead of earning it.....

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