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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by bodhisattva
From my perspective this site, and some others, have allowed some trolls (some with obvious troll handles btw) to spread misconceptions and lies about our website and some people here took a big bite of the shit sandwhich.

Sebastian has been a member since 2004, has u/led over a dozen shows in the past year, and posts fairly joined a few days ago, have u/led nothing, and have averaged over 9 posts a day strictly arguing in this thread

and he's the troll?

not tryin to stir the shit bodhi, just sayin...ya might wanna step back and think about it...

i know that next year when someone posts how much "TTD sucks because they're audio snobs and won't allow my MD recording", i certainly won't be registering at the board and arguing our position...i'll probly chuckle and go back to moderating
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