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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by freezer
You zombs want to continue to promote your policy of "Fuck The Tapers", you want to discuss your anti-taper policies, why don't you do it on your zomb site instead.
Anti-taper gripes don't get you new shows now do they? Biting the hand that feeds you is really fucking dumb IMO.

I have been looking into taping and even though I may try someday, the thought of no piss breaks, sneaking in gear, asshole security, people snitching, assholes bumping into you, not drinking (see no piss breaks), ungrateful bastards, bootleggers who charge money for your hard work, standing still in one spot (especially for video) etc, etc......just is a turn off.

Respect the taper. Without them, you would have to shell out ticket money and actually go to shows 6000 miles away instead of having some nice person preserve them for your enjoyment.

To all you tapers....
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I hear the Rape is lovely this time of year.
hey man if nobody else has helped you out, i can continue to ignore you too