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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by patrick1963
Wrong. As Lynne stated in post #1 of this thread: "What exactly is the site's responsibility to its users in regards to the donations?"
So you say....... but this thread was hijacked a long time ago (page one message #6 -- beginning with the line - "God you are so full of shit" and ending with the line "go fuck yourself" -- is where it started going south.........and when the donation issue (this thread's stated topic) was brought up again later, see message #118, the zomb admin posting is not up to speed on the donation issue....which was the primary reason for this thread.

Sorry patrick, but the thread was hijacked away from the donations issue and put on the "Fuck the tapers" issue by certaim members from zomb trying to justify the "Fuck The Taper" attitude as shown by the treatment of Sebastian......

I joined in here when I saw the "Fuck the Tapers" attitude first being exhibited and I've noticed, that almost to a man, the tapers on TTD that posted in this thread don't like that "Fuck The Tapers" attitude.

This is what I've been responding to. And I agree with AAR.oner from message #26 in this thread
i think this thread, and the one it "stemmed from", show the changing nature of the collecting community -- the gimmegimmegimme attitudes, the this-show-has-to-be-recorded mindset ........... and a complete lack of respect for tapers & their wishes...absolutely pathetic
Dead on AAR.oner... absolutely dead on..... it's about time someone in the community calls bullshit when he sees bullshit.

If you like, patrick, we could ask Lynne to start a thread devoted entirely to the topic:

When should Site Admins say "Fuck The Tapers"?

But it would probably only be a rehash of this thread, unless it goes in the Taper's Forum, in which case a LOT more tapers would get hip to which torrent sites are "Taper-Unfriendly".

As far as donations -- Lynne did ask for opinions so here's mine:

I trust Lynne implicitly and always. Case closed.

Furthermore, I don't care what other sites do and in particular, I could care less if zomb solicits money for recording gear or to support some admin's crack habit.....I've looked at their site and I am not interested in using their services. Thanks anyway.

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