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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by patrick1963
Wrong. As Lynne stated in post #1 of this thread: "What exactly is the site's responsibility to its users in regards to the donations?"
yes this is true, but I believe it stemmed from the fact that the "taper-unfriendly" site had questionable donation practices which led Lynne to create this thread to air these various grievances...I still believe this whole thread was started due to the mess created by the fallout from the other site in sharing something that came from here...I don't think Lynne ever intended to opine about ttd's donating policies or even debate them...all of this is in response to a single overblown issue

correct me if I'm wrong Lynne...and BTW would you tell us what you would do if a taper asked you not to have their torrent shared here??? you always make solid decisions and I wonder (and think others would like to know) what you would do if faced with this issue...if you knew a torrent was upped here against the tapers wishes (regardless of whether the taper is right or wrong in feeling the way they do) what would you do???