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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by The Govner
As a taper I do not think it is too far out of line to ask that the torrent not be reseeded elsewhere until the torrent is not active with leechers.........most torrents will drop off within a few days of the first complete download. If it was all about getting it out ASAP I would post it at as many torrent sites as I could personally but anybody who wants to download a show from here is welcome with little or no restrictions. It sounds like to me that "Zomb" just got their nose bent out of shape because they didn't have it posted on their site first as it is a Smashing Pumpkins based torrent site and could not wait until the original torrent had run it's course..........
Agreed......well said Govner.

As a result of the above action: the unethical immediate snatching and re-posting of that show, the zomb admins responsible also throughly and purposefully disrespected this site, this site's owner, the TTD staff and entire membership...all so they could make sure they could say Fuck This Taper as strongly as possible.

You zombs and its defenders also owe Lynne and her staff a very real apology for the insult to this site and members.

And make it a public apology since the YOUR squabble was made public at TTD.

You zombs want to continue to promote your policy of "Fuck The Tapers", you want to discuss your anti-taper policies, why don't you do it on your zomb site instead.

Instead of spewing more hatred of tapers at TTD, why don't you take your anti-taper stance back to zomb where you can spread your mean-spirited propaganda to the already-converted.

Its Sunday morning.....go preach to the zomb choir. They must be the only ones not offended by the Anti-Taper contingent at zomb.

Originally Posted by The Govner
As you can tell........I'm giving Sebastian the benifit of the doubt as I am not impressed with the childish behavior from the ZOMB supporters who have put in their 2 cents.

And before anyone else from zomb tries again to rationalize their childish behavior,
.....please remember, no matter what Sebastian did.....
Being a dick in return doesn't make you right, it just makes you a dick.