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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by freezer
The time now is 09:44 PM.
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Jesus Christ on a's Saturday night...why the hell are you staring at a computer screen........go out and hear some live music.....and tape it.....why'don't 'cha?

I'm recording a concert from off the FM in 20 minutes.....what are you adding to the trade pool tonight, huh?
I was at The Bijou Theater in Knoxville taping Johnny Winter who happen to have a "jam" with Junior Brown (who was in Maryville playing at the H-D dealership in "the Shed") on the old Bobby Womack classic "It's All Over Now"......then went across to to tape local punk legends "Teenage Love" who was playing @ The Corner Lounge.

I'll rather be taping that reading this garbage!
"It keeps you fit......the alcohol,nasty women,sweat on stage,bad's all good for you!"
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