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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by smashing0
It wasn't me. JellyBelly uploaded it in order to share it amongst the largest group of people he could
ZOMB's forums aren't checked by a large majority of our users...
that's a very classy way to pass the buck...does the staff have no control over the site...let's own up to your share of knew what JellyBelly was doing and what kinda riot would ensue, and you allowed it...don't throw JellyBelly under the bus like guys are responsible too
Originally Posted by smashing0
Putting it up quickly was a very dick-ish thing to do, but so was saying DO not upload to ZOMB. ZOMB sucks.
both very true, thanx for saying this...taper and uploader were both wrong, and I'm glad to see that being acknowledged now (better late than never)
Originally Posted by smashing0
Your obsession with this "Fuck-the-Tapers" policy is just a misunderstandment
We seriously love the tapers, and honour any REASONABLE request
who decides what is reasonable...that's a very large grey area, not to be taken lightly...please don't dismiss the fact that people are entitled to their opinions and just because you find it unreasonable is not a reason to deny them their requests...who is anyone to say what is and is not reasonable

P.S. I too would appreciate it if Freezer could shorten up some of those unecessary spaces that an "unreasonable request" (sorry couldn't help it)

P.P.S. many women you snugglin up with pimp what's your secret